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Troubles with clicks


I purchased AirWeb a few days ago.

It's a nice apps but I have some trouble when I need to click on a link in a page.

For example, I made a search under Google and when I tried to click sometimes nothing happen. I see tne finger, It seems to click but It doesn't open the new page.

It's pretty frustrating, because sometimes the click works, sometimes not.

I'm using Apple TV 4 under TvOS 10.2 and I tried with Ipad Air and Iphone 6+ all under 10.3.1.

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Tim Kohlstadt
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Re: Troubles with clicks

Hello all,

I have exactly the same problem as decribed above. Using iphone 6S and Apple Tv version 3.

I lindly ask the developer to fix this, otherwhise I will post negative review and ask itunes support for refund.


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