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Tap to zoom to fit screen in AirPlay mode

It would be great if in AirPlay mode I could double tap on a text and it zoom *and center* the text to fit the screen width.

Often desktop versions of website have multiple columns: main text in one column and a side column with a menu or other links. If you double tap on the main text in iPad mode, the text zoom and centers to fit the iPad screen automatically.

But in AirPlay mode, double tapping leads to zooming and centering around the point where the users double tapped. So a user needs to manually zoom and center the text.

Second, once in zoomed mode, if you scroll down, it is difficult to keep the text centered. Often you will swipe slightly left and right, so the text will move left or right and some text may fall off the screen. Is it possible to tell Airweb that in the zoomed mode to ignore any small side-ways scrolling movements?


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Re: Tap to zoom to fit screen in AirPlay mode

The zoom to column will probably not happen any time soon. It's quite simply just too difficult to do with the tools we have available from Apple. That doesn't mean it's impossible or that it will never get added, but not something that I have planned for the upcoming releases.

The "avoid small sideways motions when scrolling down" is a great suggestion. Just added it to the todo list here now. Thank you! smile


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