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Server Sent Events (SSE)

I just want to say first that this is the only app that allows you to airplay a browser full screen in native 1080p.  Some other browsers do it but not in native 1080p.  You have a nice clean app and I hope you continue actively developing it. 

I'm using a dashboard web application called dashing.  What I've been trying to do is be able to AirPlay my dashboard, which is in 1080p, to a TV.  When I load the page using your app, none of the data from the server is displayed.  Only the static elements are.  It looks like your browser doesn't support server sent events. 

Are you planning on adding this in a future update?


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Re: Server Sent Events (SSE)

Thanks for the positive comments Dasutin! smile

Is this working in Safari on the device?

I'm planning a big update for iOS 8 in September, and I'll be moving from the current webview class to a new one that Apple is providing to developers in iOS 8. This new class is the same that they're using in Safari, which means that we'll get a bunch of new features and much much faster rendering and javascript.


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