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Needs this feature bad!

Been using this on my Apple TV to watch training videos on big screen TV. The only problem is it needs a built-in flash capability! A lot of videos I watch require Flash. So now I have to use another browser to watch the videos! If you add this I know I use this browser a lot, plus it will save me a lot of time!


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Re: Needs this feature bad!

Unfortunately flash support isn't something that'll get added. To get flash support we need to add separate servers that fetches the flash, and then stream the output and input from these to the app. It's not only resource intensive (for us to set up servers to do this, not to mention to actually find a way to stream the input/output from the flash back and forth), but also not very safe (for the user) from a security perspective.

In addition to that the few sites that still only offer flash videos will probably go over to HTML5 video soon. There aren't really that many left.


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