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Purchased app appears as unppurcased

Purchased app appears as unppurcased in App Store , to download it to the devise after resetting it to the clean state it wants money again, and i can't see it in my "Purchased" list of apps. App Store account I paid for AirWeb from is vfxdomain@gmail.com. After purchase I used it a bit and got email from AirWeb about forum registration:

From: AirWeb Support Forums Mailer <forums@airwebapp.com>
Sent: воскресенье, февраля 7, 2016 7:07
Subject: Welcome to AirWeb Support Forums!
To: <web.izaslavs@icloud.com>


Thank you for registering in the forums at airwebapp/forums. Your account details are:

Username: izaslavs
Email: web.izaslavs@icloud.com
Password: ********

Login at airwebapp/forums to activate the account.
AirWeb Support Forums Mailer

Please help, I really enjoyed AirWeb on my Apple TV 3rd generation, it's better then other "faked" apps by a mile


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Re: Purchased app appears as unppurcased

Hi Iza!

We don't have anything to do with the actual purchase of the app. You need to contact Apple if it doesn't appear in your purchased list anymore. You can contact Apple's iTunes Support (which handles the App Store support as well) here: https://support.apple.com/itunes


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